Monday, February 11, 2008

Web 2.0 Tools Go Elementary

Collaboration and communication between (even the youngest of students) fosters learning from an interactive point of view. Blogging gives students the opportunity for reflection, writing for an audience and a published piece.
Journey North (tulip project)--can log/view when tulips start to bloom-follow them north

Wikispaces will create student accounts (Help+Teachers)
list user names and passwords (don't need email addresses)

Webkinz has opened a world of learning and virtual collaboration. (3 class pets and giving all students user names/passwords)

Eduwiki --to share resources (work smarter, not harder)

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Jeremy Davis said...

How have you found Webkinz to be in a classroom environment? Are any of the other social media/online tools proving useful to you for the K-3 age group?