Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Spectacular

My friends and family are quick to laugh when I say I work during the summer. "How can you work when you have the summer OFF?!" they ask. Well, this summer was spent working...although not necessarily in the traditional "work" sense.

The first weekend after school let out, I headed to Denver, CO where my mom had two large events happening (she is an event planner) and so when she asked if I would be willing to help, I said, "Yes!" We stayed in downtown Denver and were even able to go to a Rockies game. I was in awe by the Rocky mountains & being one mile above sea level.

The following two weeks were spent teaching at the Young Writers Institute where I was again inspired by the talented young authors in my class. Those Foster students made me proud!!

I then headed to Silver Spring, MD to join 49 other teachers (by invitation only) at Discovery Channel Headquarters for an intense week-long technology conference. I have SO much to share this year! I was even asked to come back for the second week as a staff member to teach sessions on geocaching (thanks to our MLFE grant). We were able to do some actual caching around Maryland and even found the original Silver Spring! It was exciting to work with such dynamic educators.

After a brief weekend visiting friends in NC, and catching up on tutoring, I spent the last week in Boston where I learned more about American history than in any course I've taken. The Freedom Trail was inspiring and would make the perfect field trip! ;-) My brother's wedding in Cape Cod followed and even though I was 25 hours late (thanks, USAirways), I am now back and ready for the school year to begin!

(This is the first post cross posted on my school blog, )