Monday, February 11, 2008

DEN Pre-Conference

This is not pretty and not insightful, but they are my notes from the sessions I attended at the pre-conference....I'll update more when I get home from Hershey.
Session 1: Digital Storytelling w/Jen Dorman

Slide Share—can now slidecast—takes original powerpoint and can merge with an audio file

Slide—create slide shows with thought bubbles

Bubble Share-- can add kid friendly themes

One True Media—can upload many types of media—text, audio, music

Slideroll—can upload right from Flickr (**Make a Flickr group**)
--download right to desktop

Google Presentations—can embed Google Docs

Dandelife—for students to tell their own life story

*** for embedding data charts

Mapping Tools:
Google Maps—for collaboration on creation & maintenance of maps—can layer media

Mapwing—build, share, explore virtual tours (can embed) *pretty safe content (can print comic strips) but students can save the their strip as a picture file and then add it to the web

Kerpoof—designed for use in schools (teacher section for lesson plans, etc.)

GMAIL… Enroll students by (for student email?)

Video: --artists put whole songs online for students to use (watch for inappropriate lyrics)

Photo Editing
FotoFlexer (beautification tools)

Image Manipulation:

-create and share 3D scenes on the web—create a room/space/people
(have to download an app to use)
-google search engine for 3D objects

-create storybooks and students add captions to pictures
-upload to flickr?

Scrapblog (can embed)
-students take pictures (on a field trip) and create a scrapbook

voicethread—create content in Kidspiration and have students comment

(can add subtitles in another language)

Session 2: Green Screen with Lance Rougeux
-layer 1 is the downloaded video
-video 2 is the shot video
--effects, keying, chroma key
Edit effects
Dropper, similarity
Blend is opacity

To get rid of the wall,
Back to effects
Crop effect

Kathy Schrock’s Video
Import streaming video into premier (on top layer)
Still image on layer 1
(have students take a picture looking at the

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Session 3: Google Earth—Julia Tebbets
Click “for teachers’ then “conference handouts”
Tour Plan
--For landmarks
--For habitats (highlight range of animal’s habitat) import
--Explorer path—add placemarks along the voyages
--Google sky—can click the sky and see what you would see in that spot on earth
--under layers, a weather layer
--students all upload placemarks, etc to the K drive --that folder will load into google earth
-make a new folder
have students close up their work folder (so they can make sure their placemarks are all in the folder)
--right click that folder and have students save to the server

--Can also right click and “save in “my places”

To edit something on the placemark, right click the folder, right click properties, add

**Call Lance to set up a generic school ID and password for Discovery Streaming

**Go to Julia’s website to get html codes for embedding

Session 4: 50 Ways—The Online Edition
-Taking from Alan Levine’s wiki--
Blabberize—for animal reports, mouth of a dollar bill,

-can create a “set” of content for students to search

-comic maker but can use audio


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