Monday, February 11, 2008

Skype Me

Erik Wittmer and Amy Musone's session on Skype proved to be a great introduction to Skype. They gave examples of how their students skype each other (or video conference/ make a free phone call) while providing live examples of their classes. Learning about others in their community, promotes technology curriculum, allows for engaging collaboration. Using "white board meeting," students can write/type to each other as well. The team worked with the book "Rules" to tie in to the curriculum. A presenter (the autistic support teacher) skyped both classes and students. One third grader even Skyped into our session to tell about benefits of Skype.

Up to six different connections can go on at one time. recording device so teachers can see what the kids recorded (for Mac)

Join the Skype PETEC wiki for teachers to add their user names and grade level and connect with other classes that are Skyping too.
Invite key: petec

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Mr. Wittmer's Bloggers said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and I could say the same about your presentation with Adam. I am looking forward to doing the same thing in my district this summer or fall.