Saturday, February 2, 2008

DEN Virtual Conference

I spent my Saturday afternoon attending the Discovery Educator Network virtual conference. About 200 other teachers also joined in on the amazing conference. I learned so much while sitting on my couch!

Digital Storytelling session with Steve Dembo (My notes from the session!)
1. Using Discovery Streaming calendars for students to research biographies--includes videos, encyclopedia excerpts, photos, etc. Use Blabbarize to make photos "talk" with your voice and then embed it. (This would be so fun for the 3rd graders to use with their research on a famous American as a follow up to the wax museum! LOVE IT!! :) (Can use Zamzar to convert to a wmv and then import all.

2. Use ToonDo (a comic strip creator) to import your own images and place multiple strips together to make a book. The fifth grade might like to do this as an extension of their digital storytelling projects.

3. Map out events on a timeline with XTimeline and can attach photos, videos, etc.

4. VoiceThread (my favorite!) is another way to import photos and have students add their comments through text and voice.

5. Jumpcut--an easy online digital video editor. Students can work at home if needed.

6. Myplick--Combine with Discovery Streaming's audio database to turn presentations into music videos. Import powerpoint slides and add audio for appropriate transitions between slids. Can be embedded!

**The whole PowerPoint will be posted in the Discovery Educator Network archives. for all 50 Tools (and more!)

Lance Rougeux presented more 2.0 tools like moonk, using emoticons, and mosaickr.

Again, the Discovery Educator Network exceeded all my expectations! I love DEN!

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