Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Steve Dembo's Keynote at PETE&C

"If digital immigrant educators want to teach digital natives, they will have to change." --Marc Prensky

The dynamic Steve Dembo (this is a photo of us on the DEN "excursion" in the Bahamas this summer, not today in Hershey!) started the day with a quick poll: polleverywhere that takes polls using a cell phone. Unfortunately, the crazy Internet in the Hershey Lodge is sub-par (um, is this actually a technology conference?)... He also reminded us that digital natives grow up with these tools while many teachers are digital immigrants and talk tech "with an accent." He also gave some interesting statistics like 28% of children 12-17 have created their own blog.

Dembo also discussed how the movements of knowledge, tools and the expert work together for teachers to change in the flattening world, and touched on wikinomics (curriki--a site that encourages teachers to collaborate to write curriculum).

He also reminded us how cool networks like Twitter, Second Life and Ning are and how powerful those learning communities can be if used correctly. It should not be considered work--they are social, learning opportunities.Try hitchhikr to follow along with conferences to "keep up" when you can't be there in person.

Just like Steve said, I'm synthesizing, reflecting and sharing as I write this post (even though they are sketchy notes from while I listened to Steve) and hope that my students will be able to do this as well.

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