Monday, February 11, 2008

David Pogue, PETE&C Keynote

As a technology critic for the New York Times, David Pogue examined what might happen when "the digital generation grows up." A few things are going to change:
1. Technology--
-----Phone calls over the Internet, like how hopefully Skype will move to cell phones (T-Mobile already has one to replace their land line). Googl cellular (46645) for free directory assistance. Get movie showtimes by pressing "nameofmovie zipcode" (Shrek 15017)
----- Simulscribe--where you can read your voicemail
----- A la Carte TV- Shows will be archived and movies will be downloadable

2. Wireless Everywhere
-----Verizon has a cellular card where you can get online anywhere
-----iPhone (search YouTube for iPhone Shuffle)
-----wifi skype phone

Teachers need to be aware of these emerging technologies and be able to use them on a personal level before implementing them with students in order to to ensure best practice.

At lunch time, the PA DEN Leadership Council was lucky enough to have dinner with him at the Hershey Lodge. It was an honor to be able to connect to him on a personal level and tell him all about the DEN! Attached is a photo, a complete documentation of my red cheeks! : )

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