Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week Two "Thing 3 and 4"

Hopefully combining posts 3 and 4 isn't a problem...They just seem to fit together...

Even though I've been the owner of this blog for almost a year, just recently have I contributed to it on a regular basis. I still wonder who actually cares what I have to say, but then I think of all the blogs I read and learn from every day and so I hope SOMEone benefits from it! I especially love to watch the Clustr maps because I never thought people in Europe, Australia, and Asia would stumble upon it!

I just began another blog, The Cybrary, aimed to the audience of parents and teachers (and students) in my building/district. I plan on using it as a resource for them to learn about some of the things we do in class as well as giving updates on educational websites/new technologies. I'll report back to how it's going so far.

I am especially anxious to read everyone else's blog and "hear" their insights to this process. Bloggers unite! : )

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