Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week One "Thing" 2

During this self-paced tutorial, the importance of lifelong learning is highlighted. Lifelong learning is the theory that it is never too soon or too late to learn something. Learning is a continuum and can take place in a variety of formats--usually not in a school or classroom!
There are 7.5 (yes, seven and a half!) habits of lifelong learners.
1. Begin with the end in mind
2. Accept responsibility for your own learning
3. View problems as challenges
4. Having confidence in yourself as an effective learner
5. Create your own learning toolbox (books, technology, mentors, etc.)
6. Using Technology to your advantage
7. Teach/Mentor others
7.5 Play!!

I definitely think I do alittle bit of all 7.5 of these habits, although I am heavy on using technology to initiate my own learning. Creating my own learning contract is challenging. One area I need to work on is having an end in mind, but being able to modify ad extend that ending point!

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Wesley Fryer said...

Bridgit: What is the link to the source of those rules/guidelines for lifelong learning?