Sunday, December 30, 2007


It had me at "Hello." Ever since I saw the first iPhone promo, I knew that we were destined to be together.

So, I had been going to visit my future iPhone every now and then in Shadyside and at South Hills Village Mall--just to reinforce my love. Last weekend I decided to stop and visit while doing some last minute Christmas shopping and some magnetic force led me over to the AT&T store to inquire about my current phone plan. After a few small changes, I switched my plan and I now am paying $20 less a month than with my former plan. Of course it doesn't take a math wizard to realize that after 2 years, the phone could almost pay for itself with the new plan... Sooooo, with numbers on my side, I promptly walked right back to my friends at Mac and grabbed the iPhone, a case, and the Protection Plan. A worthy investment.

I think the touch screen is the most impressive feature of the iPhone--it's like a mini SmartBoard that dubs as a phone. It's very intuitive and quickly corrects any miscued tapping. The second best feature is the fact that is pairs well with my car. All I have to do is have the phone on in my car and say, "Call. Mom." and it dials my mom's phone number. Even though any well-equipped blue-tooth phone would do this, it just seems so much more impressive with the iPhone. The immediate access to email, videos, searching, weather, etc., is an information-seeker's dream.

I am now completely connected. I've been able to answer random trivia questions, give up-to-minute sports scores, and text much faster than ever before. This "Junior Baby" is a welcome addition to my professional development and quest for immediate knowledge!!

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tennessee said...

The first paragraph made me giggle, and I'm jealous. Your mathematical thinking (the phone will pay for itself) is wonderful! Now, if you could just convince my husband so I can have one, too! : )