Friday, May 1, 2009

Research Fuels the Author's Fire

PSLA--Penn State University
Since I skipped the first session (to prep for my session) and spoke at the second session (7:30-9:45 last night!), I'm in my first "real" session with Sharon McElmeel--author and librarian. She writes a monthly column for Library Sparks and Picture That. Authors in the Kitchen (recipes/illustrations from many authors and illustrators)
The session didn't live up to my expectations, but my sketchy notes are below...
-primary vs. secondary sources
-Finding out what we know and using what we know are different.

Author List
-Carol Gorman (Sumptown Kid) (Games)

Art Pennington--Negro League baseball player (With: We Are the Ship)

"I learn much more than I could ever use in my stories. I think all that I have learned helps me choose and shape what will eventually be in the story." --author of Snowflake Bently
(Just what students need to do when using the Internet for research...or just about anything really.)

Chicken Joy on Redbean Farm

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