Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jason Ohler--DEN LC "Private" Training

How-To Site:

--Music can change the meaning of a clip

Story mapping instead of a storyboard--Stay away from linear storylines
1. Engage the story
2. Problem
3. Tension
4. Resolution
5. End-Moral

Be aware of conscious objects of desire and unconscious objects of desire

"Mountains"--Ups and downs of a story (24 example) that create tension in the story
*See Ken Adams map for lesson starter..."because of that..."

Media Development Process
media planning-story map (use power point) (1 page/16 font=2 min of speech)
pre-production-media list/gather raw media components
post production

Personal Museum--look around to determine what makes a good story
*A good first step is to use something personal, then make the leap to academic topics

Suggestions for assessment:

Students should tell about something they still think about

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