Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cell Phones in Education--Hall Davidson

Keynote for Tuesday: The one, the only Mr. Hall Davidson

When a teacher begins a class with, "Take your cell phones out and make sure they're on,'" the students are automatically engaged. Why do we usually ignore this powerful device in education? We must teach kids how to use it appropriately.

Some stats from the New York Times: 300 billion text messages in 2007. SMS are typically read within an average of 15 minutes and responded in 60 minutes. 16% of homes do not have land lines. Twices as many users of text messages as users of email. 3.3 billion cellphones but 850 million personal computers.

Use qik to send/record video from your Nokia cell phone. When can we do it with the iPhone??? Can send lesson plans to subs. Mobile Profile in You Tube enables a direct upload to YouTube. http://schoolmessenger.com Verizon is rolling out video voicemail. Nice! jott.com will transfer voice to text for emails, blogs, twitter, etc. Phones also have translators for voice (works only with Japanese right now)...
www.gcast.com --give your cell number to the gcast...can post your voice right to the web--Great for primary source interviews.
polleverywhere.com Text survey opinions and then pull to powerpoint. Can watch the survey results change right on the screen. This would be great to use with parents/at presentations with adults.
Text 34381 to get nutritional info for food
*Look for mobile for Discovery...Discovery sites
*Assignment Builder on DE Streaming can be sent via text.
Hall is always a pleasure to see and listen to. His dynamic speeches and knowledge make my head spin in the best of ways!!

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