Thursday, October 4, 2007

Night with the STARS

Attending the DEN webinar series is a new addition to my professional development opportunities this year. Because I only have class one evening a week and because I'm home from tutoring and the gym by 8:00, my schedule has allowed me to join in on some of these dynamic online discussions and resources. Last week, Jannita Damian hosted a "Night With the STARS" (think Dancing With the Stars and American Idol combo). 15 STAR DEN members presented resources we also presented at the National Institute (see photo on left--the "judges" on the cruise were a little harsh--although I did win the "STARfish" award. See Hall Davidson as MC below!). There were so many great ideas, here are MOST of them: (I didn't get everyone's name, but I'll try and find Jannita's transcript of the session!)...

1. The Flip Video camera-entire camera (takes stills and video) plugs into USB ports for easy uploading.

2. resource and can use quizzes for student assessment

3. Audacity-to record and download recordings as mp3 files--Can record study guides, reading fluency, homework, for Audacity handouts

4. Power Point: Can use the Photo Album feature to show photos and decrease file size!!
Insert-Pix-Photo Album Choose file, click pix, insert SO COOL!

5. Create an assignment in United Streaming Assignment Builder and add the link to web page for easy student access. Copy quiz URL and link to your class web page.

6. files--even Flash video --Animal sounds/info/maps/photos database

8. Makes Flash movies

9. Soundsnap-- to download sounds

10. Image Chef-- A tattoo generator, mug shot creator, etc.)

11. Mr. Picasso Head --Gotta see it!

12. Dumpr--Changes pictures into work of life

13. Animoto

14. Free music

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